What People Say About Working With Me

I’ve attended many births as a doula. Here’s a sampling of how people describe the experience:

“If you are even considering a natural, un-medicated child birth, I would highly recommend hiring a doula.  And I would highly recommend Amy Catania. Simply put, I could not have had my son without her constant, soothing coaching and care.  She prepared me and my loved ones with practical, hands on training, mental visualization and anticipatory instruction prior to my delivery.  She assisted in the hard labor stages by coaching, calming, instructing me and coherently summarizing key medical choices I needed to make at critical points in a way I could respond to in the tunnel of labor pain.  She coached my mom and husband, who attended the birth, and gave each a role to play.  She even provided a postpartum visit to check for signs of postpartum and assist with breastfeeding and other tips.  She has three kids of her own, so she is a wealth of experience and knowledge.  She has attended many births and is respected among the midwives of Northwestern, who handled my delivery.  She loves what she does and it shows in every aspect of her expert and delicate care during a tumultuous and exhilarating time.  Amy is the very best.  I will be forever grateful to her for my son’s healthy, natural delivery.”

When my wife first told me that she wanted to hire a doula for the birth of our first child, I was skeptical; I didn’t know what a difference it would make to have someone else there to support my wife during labor and delivery. Amy, in particular, never made me feel like a bystander; I felt like the primary support person, while Amy supplemented with her knowledge and guidance. My wife’s labor lasted 34 hours. After 28 hours, she was ready to have a conversation about pain medication. Amy suggested that we ask for a progress check and we were so glad to discover that my wife was 9.5cm dilated. With Amy’s help, we were able to have a completely un-medicated, natural childbirth. She helped us through the most difficult parts. Afterward, we both agreed that Amy’s help was essential. In my wife’s words, “Our doula was worth her weight in gold.”

“In my second pregnancy, I reached out to Amy to process an intense experience from my first birth. Her compassion and nonjudgemental space was exactly what I needed. Via Skype, we talked through my first birth. It was incredibly powerful, and at the same time, I felt so supported and nurtured. I was able to shift the narrative for myself, focus on the positive, and center myself on some of the amazing things that had happened during that time. And, perhaps most importantly, get excited and ready for the birth of my second child as a fresh birth experience. I’m incredibly grateful to Amy for giving me that space, and guiding me through it so beautifully. I owe her so much. For anyone with a traumatic birth experience, or simply a really intense one, I’d highly, highly recommend working with Amy — and giving yourself this space. It was an incredible gift for which I am so grateful.”

“I cannot fully put into words the gratitude my husband and I feel for the care we received from Amy. Amy was tirelessly supportive, attentive, compassionate, and affirming for me during and after my birth. She offered me endless encouragement for managing the challenges of my labor. My birth experience was extraordinarily difficult, due to a few unfortunate and unforeseen complications. I started at home, as we had hoped for a natural home water birth, and transferred to our back-up hospital forty-three hours later. Amy was there for me. She came to the hospital and supported us through the next (and last) eight hours of my labor that ultimately resulted in a safe, vaginal delivery. She was a big help to my husband as well, helping him help me when he may otherwise have felt helpless. After the birth, she supported us with breastfeeding, sleepless nights, and postpartum depression. Her presence at our birth was a blessing to us. We love her dearly and recommend her highly.”

“Amy was fantastic. She did so much for our entire family. She was supportive, informative, empowering, respectful, thoughtful, dedicated, available and just wonderful. We also took her Birthing From Within class, which was also amazing. I went from being told I needed a c-section to a completely natural childbirth. My husband and I had such a happy and peaceful birth, and Amy’s mentorship was crucial to us. She didn’t stop at the birth either! She saved my breastfeeding relationship during the postpartum period too. She empowered my partner to be a vital part of the entire experience and made our first child comfortable too. We give Amy our very highest recommendation.”