Importing Midwives and Exporting Babies: Illinois’ Little Secret Gets National Attention

Illinois midwifery and home birth have gotten a lot of national attention lately. In late August, there was a Time Magazine article on the controversies surrounding home birth in the U.S.A. In the opening paragraph, there was a description of an Illinois home birth mama who eventually jumped the border to have her baby in […]

Homebirth Safety Act Update

Happy New Year!

Sadly, Illinois’ legislative session has come to a close and the Homebirth Safety Act – SB385 – did not make it out of its committee. A new session has begun and now the bill starts over. Stay tuned to find out if it keeps the same number. In the meantime, if you […]

Action Alert in Illinois

Work to license direct entry midwives in Illinois has been happening for many, many years. The state nurses association has recently changed its position to neutral on the current bill in the legislature – which is a hugely positive development. This could be the moment we make it happen!

If you support the option for […]

Buyer Beware

The Chicago Tribune printed this story on Tuesday about a local woman whose doctor reportedly denied her pain meds in labor and told her to “Shut up, close your mouth and push.”

He reportedly also berated the hospital staff. I wonder if that is newsspeak for he yelled at a nurse. So not cool to […]