Feminist Mothering

I read a lot a fabulous blogs and want to repost more often than I actually manage to do it. As I am beginning the reworking of ChicagoDoula.net to include more fabulous activism and information, this post from a new contributor at Feministe stood out: “So, What is Feminist Mothering?”

If you are a Chicago feminist, anti-racist mama and birth advocate let me hear from you!

Summer Done-so-far List

Now that summer is here, my posting has been lighter than ever. My stats suggest some of you may have noticed, so I offer by way of excuse, a brief, but by no means complete, overview of what your friendly Chicago-area doula-birth mentor-mama-domestic violence and anti-oppression trainer and sometime trouble maker has been up to:

☀ Enjoying the roller coaster that is parenting – including helping one delightful toddler with her potty training and helping an equally delightful, yet completely different, 5 year old navigate the emotional terrain of a brand new group of kids at summer camp

☀ Attending births of some truly resourceful and amazing families. I have now attended 9 births since I began late last year. And, wow. It has been such an honor and a privilege to be a part of each one. I learn something new at each one.

☀ Planning (and re-planning) my next Birthing From Within® class – which still has space open and is now scheduled to be three, six-hour sessions on Sunday afternoons from 12-6pm starting July 19th and running through August 2nd –  You can register or find out more by contacting me on my fixed-so-it really works-now contact page.

☀ One lovely family road trip to my grandparents’ former home in Northern Wisconsin (so good we’re doing it again this weekend)

☀ Supporting the good work and activism of the brand new Chicago chapter of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) and its effort to lower maternal and infant mortality rates in the state of Illinois

☀ Preparing for and conducting two trainings on the effects of domestic violence on survivors, including one to 50 probation officers

☀ Helping out with the outreach and planning for HealthConnect One’s upcoming fall conference: Birth, Breastfeeding and Beyond – which you can register for now!

☀ Reading! Articles and posts and books…stay tuned for a few of the good ones.

Homebirth Safety Act Update – And Pictures!

Despite a setback earlier this month, and what this article might lead you to believe, Rep. Julie Hamos and the co-sponsors of the Illinois’ Home Birth Safety Act, HB 226, are still working on getting the bill passed this session. They need all the help we can give them to turn legislators’ “no’s” into “yes’s”.

If you live in Illinois, please let your legislators know that you support HB 226 and women’s right to give birth where we choose. You can go here to find out who your state representative and senator are and get their phone numbers and mailing addresses. For tips and talking points you can refer to info here and here.  This bill needs ALL the support we can give it, so please understand – I am asking YOU to join me and do this!

As an incentive, I finally finished going through my pictures from the road trip I took with my kids to lobby for the bill earlier this month. (Thanks to Kathleen, for helping me figure out how to post them). The photos aren’t going to win any awards (except maybe one that Elijah took). But they tell the story of the day, so have a look at them and then support the effort and call and write your legislators!