ChicagoDoula on Social Media

Ichicago-doula-thumbnailn case you’d like to see more of what’s going on with me than what’s on the blog these days…please come find me on social media!

One place to look is Instagram. It’s been been a little over a year since I joined there and my pictures are of a life that is not always birth related, but still part of who I am. This reflects a big part of my approach to doula-ing in general – that I’m a real, whole human and not just my job(s) – even while my jobs allow me to do something I’m passionate about.

I like to think I bring my perspective and values as a Chicagoan and a doula to everything I see, and that I use what I experience (in both real world and on the Internet) to help me with being a doula.

I invite you to look over my shoulder, and to read, listen, and engage. ChicagoDoula is also on Facebook. And of course, my Twitter feed is right over there on the right –> –> –>    I hope to see you there!