Six Months Later

Long, long ago, Amy promised for me that I would post a follow up to her post about the fire that took my family’s home. Today is the six month anniversary of that fire and it’s high time I followed through on the promise. So here we go.

Just now, six months later, we finally had the house demolished. It happened last week. It went down in a day. It felt good to be done with it.

Just now, six months later, I finally got to order my midwifery textbook replacements. I plan to spend the summer studying these books for my autumn CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) exam.

Just now, six months later, we are working through some of the PTSD that still lingers for some members of the family.

Just now, six months later, we are beginning to feel ready for another kitty to join our family.

Just now, six months later, I look back and am grateful for our lives and for the love and support we received from the childbirth and parenting community.

Just now, six months later, I look back and I laugh as I remember how, on the day of the fire , as I sat in the car, a block down the street with two pets and five girls in their pajamas, I pulled out my doula bag and found food, clothing, clogs, toiletries, emergency cash, rescue remedy and lavender – in short, plenty to cover immediate needs and calm us down. To a doula, its nothing – just regular birth bag ingredients, but to a doula whose house was burning down it was desperately needed, not only for the items but for the bit of humor it injected into the situation. As one of my daughters said, “only mom would have stuff like this in her car.” Given that their usual complaint is how I’m weird and not like other mothers, this was a compliment.

Just now, six months months later, my doula bag is packed and ready for the next birth or for any crisis that may come.

Just now six months later, we are still working through a few things, but basically we are doing just fine.

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  1. Rachel, thanks for the update, I loved reading it and knowing you are well and that your family is healing.

    We love you much and continue to hold you close in thought and prayer.

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