Heard in Conversation This Week

Here’s a little love for all my fellow doulas. We know that every mama has a perfect doula match out there somewhere, but not every doula will fit the bill. So it is okay and expected that every potential client interview or phone call won’t result in a match.

Even still, it would be nice if they did, no? So when an expectant mama in her third trimester said this to me a couple of days ago it gave me a good belly laugh and is still making me smile: “I’ve never met a doula who was like, a bitch.”

2 thoughts on “Heard in Conversation This Week

  1. I must be spending too much time on FB, b/c I started to mouse around for the “like” link!

    But to the point: doulas do seem to be a lovely group of humans.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Colette. I have now cross-posted to our Facebook page, so you certainly can “like” it there. ; )

    And thanks as well for the compliment!

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