What I Learned About Birth Last Week

I spent quite a bit of time attending birth last week – spanning 3 days at home and at hospital. And I learned a lot. Here are some gems I collected for myself as a doula, in no particular order:

* It is important to take care of myself: take breaks, rest, drink water, eat and pee – definitely pee! Even if the mama is laboring at home in the only bathroom and I have to have to kick the dad out for a minute to do it.

* Remember to remind mamas to pee too! And remind dads to remind mamas.

* After labor goes into day 2, resist the urge to say “It’s normal” until I ask myself if I really know.

* Look for large puddles and wet washcloths before sitting down on the edge of the tub to give support

* Bring a spare set of lightweight pants (or keep wearing lightweight ones to begin with) in case of forgetting the gem above.

* Keep cultivating connections with other birth professionals. It is great to already have met the other folks attending ahead of time!

* Love and appreciate my mentors, backup and childcare providers.

* Keep absolutely loving mamas and dads – helping them stay present moment by moment – knowing that when they are lost in laborland: they rock, they are doing their best and they are capable of more than they or I realize.

2 thoughts on “What I Learned About Birth Last Week

  1. Amy, thank you, thank you, for keeping me in the moment, and helping my husband and I welcome our son in such a calm, relaxed, comfortable, and safe environment (did you recognize my mantra?) :>

    Your endless bag of tricks and mental distractions still amazes me and your willingness to stick by my side at all hours of the night, and morning, and afternoon, meant the world to me. You also kept me focused when needed, relaxed whenever possible, and as comfortable as can be expected. You are my Sherpa, thank you for climbing my birth mountain with me.

  2. Oh, you are so very welcome, Brenda! It was an honor and my pleasure. Thank you so much for your sweet words.

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