More birth in popular culture: An example from Spain

Wow. This?! This amazing, heartwarming, tender birth video from Spain? Is a MATTRESS commercial. On TV!

You can see another English translation below the video.

The text of the video:

Mom:”We spoke and we decided that the best option would be for our daughter to be born in our bed, in our home.”
Dad: “It’s the place where our first son was born. Repeating this in the same bed is important.”
Mom: ” It’s a miracle, isn’t it?  That there is one life inside another and you are going to help it be born. And being able to do this how you want, in the place that you want, in your home.”
Dad: “You relate to the space in a much more intimate way.”
Midwife: “Slowly, slowly.”
Mom: “There is a light, a smell, a warmth in this space when a new life comes that is just so special.”
Flex slogan: “Your bed. The most important place in the world.”